Cheating with a Gift for You

09 Mar

Turning Fierce Dogs Friendly, pg. 25.

"When you have an aggressive dog management techniques are essential. Management refers to how you hold the leash, confine the dog when company comes over, distract him from things to which he might respond aggressively, and a variety of other measures that you take to prevent him from behaving badly. This is often the lion's share of share of what  a trainer works on with owners because it's very important to be able to prevent problems from happening. That's why I thought it was necessary to write a book that talks to owners. You're going to do the bulk of the work. You need to understand it."

This is just a taste of a practical bit of the book. It's not the meat of the procedure. It's the stuff that surrounds that procedure.

Most of what we learn about aggression doesn't change aggressive behavior at all, it just helps us manage it. And that's a very important part of the equation.

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