Old Dog Gamers

06 Mar

It only took coming up with iPads and user-ready methods of providing the means for dogs to interact with electronics for learning and entertainment.  (That's all!) The challenge in the animal sheltering world where I worked for so long was that a lot of shelter dogs are likely to tear things up.  (Think about how it feels when you don't get your gamer reinforcers on! Ever feel like throwing your computer?)

Anyway, this article is very interesting. I'm not as interested in old dogs learning new tricks as I am in learning itself, but I think you'll enjoy this article.  

Brain Training for Old Dogs: Could Touchscreen Games Become the Sudoku of Dogs?


Lisa J. Wallis, Friederike Range, Enikő Kubinyi, Durga Chapagain, Jessica Serra, Ludwig Huber. Utilising dog-computer interactions to provide mental stimulation in dogs especially during ageing. Fourth International Conference on Animal-Computer Interaction,, At Milton Keynes, 2018 DOI: 10.1145/3152130.3152146

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